TXOS Scripts

TXOS Scripts is a FiveM Shop based in Denmark, created by ToXicGlo (TX) & Ossie (OS). The shop was created at the end of 2021 and have since created a lot of different products. The shop is managed by ToXicGlo & Ossie, whom also are the creators behind the products sold in the shop.

All products in the shop is custom made from scratch. The code behind the products is well written to ensure a nice and optimized experience using the products from TXOS Scripts.

We will try our best to help with setup and if you have any problems with sales. If there are any updates to our products, all owners will recieve them automatically.




ToXicGlo is a danish FiveM Developer which works with Lua, JavaScript & SQL. He has been working with code & coding for a long while and is able to create code of very high quality. ToXicGlo has been a part of some quite large danish projects such as Static & is also one of the creators behind the danish FiveM Community FU



Ossie is a danish FiveM Developer which works with Lua, JavaScript, C#, C++, PHP & SQL. Ossie is also one of the creators behind FiveM Defender & one of the developers of the quite famous danish roleplay server DevoNetwork.


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The button below will redirect you to our tebex.io page, this is the place you can buy our products from. If you have any questions please use our discord.


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All reviews are from our discord.

If you're in need of some scripts, I definitely think you should check out TXOS Scripts. Why should I do that? Very active in their tickets, always ready to help you, and you get an answer usually after only 2-5 minutes. A very nice place if you need to scripts.


Fantastic support. I can definitely recommend, insanely good experience!


I recieved my product instantly, aswell as extremely quick service 😄


Fantastic & quick service. Keep up the good work! 😄


I can definitely recommend! 😄


Many nice things, and quick service. I can definitely recommend 😄